Paul McCartney took a camera crew with him when he showed up to induct Ringo Starr into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, and now he's sharing some behind-the-scenes footage from the event.

The four-minute clip, which you can watch above, begins with McCartney stepping out of his car and walking into the building, and continues with a series of short scenes depicting the former Beatles interacting with a group of fellow musical legends that includes Stevie Wonder, Joe Walsh and Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. One of the funnier moments occurs early on, when McCartney and Starr share a brief reunion with Wonder, who hugs Starr and congratulates him on being inducted.

"We're reforming the group, man," jokes Starr. "You wanna join?" Without missing a beat, Wonder responds, "Yes, I would."

You can also catch a glimpse of Walsh goofing around backstage with McCartney, breaking up some downtime by giving him an example of a hambone routine that he remembers his grandfather doing, as well as rehearsals for the Rock Hall ceremony performance and footage of Starr's eventual induction.

It all ends with a personal message of congratulations from one old friend to another. "Here's to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," says McCartney at the clip's conclusion, standing at his dressing room door with a drink in his hand. "Here's to Ringo Starr. Richard Starkey, born in Liverpool. Best drummer in the world. The man. My friend. My little brother. Here's to you, baby."

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