Richie Sambora's private plane was forced to make an emergency landing after running into some midair problems yesterday. Apparently trouble with the hydraulic pressure caused the unscheduled landing.

After the plane -- which Sambora owns -- was safely on the ground at a Burbank airport, Sambora spoke with the pilots, who filled in the guitar player on the technical details of the malfunction. No word on whether or not he comprehended the complexities of a jet's intricate working parts.

This is just the latest slap of turbulence Sambora has experienced recently. Back in April, he left Bon Jovi's current tour. Nobody's still really sure if he was pushed or departed on his own, but one thing is clear: The band's tour is tanking without the guitarist. Sales are weak, and some shows have been canceled.

Nonetheless, Bon Jovi have a bunch of U.S. dates lined up for the fall. It's unlikely Sambora -- who's spending the downtime hanging out with his teenage daughter -- will be back by then.

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