Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora isn't currently working with the band, but that doesn't mean he isn't working. Sambora surprised everyone by dropping the link to a new song on Twitter recently. 'Come Back as Me' came on Monday, during a conversation with his followers.

"Since everybody was diggin stuff figured I'd lay something new on ya. And the lyric is pretty timely," Sambora tweeted.

With that, fans will no doubt make assumptions about the meaning of the electro-fused rocker. “What do you want me to say / I gave you everything I could give," he sings repeatedly. And then: “If I die tomorrow I would come back as me.”

Sambora kept to his and his band's unannounced policy of not detailing the rift that has kept him from joining Jon and the boys on tour this year. Recently, the 54-year-old indicated he could reunite with Bon Jovi as soon as September. In May he indicated he'd be keeping himself plenty busy this summer...with his fashion company.

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