We're starting to learn more details -- or at least, hear some depressing theories -- about the "personal issues" that led to Richie Sambora's departure from the current Bon Jovi tour. According to one source, the decision was the result of Sambora's continuing issues with alcohol.

“Jon has been trying to get rid of him," the unnamed insider told the New York Post. "He drinks constantly and has a stream of Hollywood bimbos around all the time.”

The Post article suggests that Bon Jovi's wife, Dorothea, doesn't want any drugs or alcohol on the tour, which may have contributed in some part to Sambora's departure. Sambora's history of substance abuse is well-documented, and last September he spoke of how the band was supportive of him during his last stint in rehab.

“He told me that he didn’t believe in rehab,” the source continued. “He really is a hard partier, and so are the women he hangs out with.”

Sambora's place in the Bon Jovi lineup has been taken by Phillip "Phil X" Xenidis, who also filled in for him on 13 shows during Bon Jovi's 2011 tour.

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