Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora says he's happy with the support his bandmates gave him during his recent visit to rehab, and that he also thinks outside projects such as his new solo album keep the group fresh.

Speaking to Classic Rock Magazine, Sambora says the group had his back. "No, [Jon Bon Jovi didn't come to see me], but everybody was very supportive. My band, my family, my kid. It was like, 'Hey, go get better man. Do what you gotta do.'"

The guitarist says, "Everybody in the band knows their role - and nobody's bitchin' about it. If we did, we'd be an a--hole. That band has been amazing for me. Everybody still gets along. It's an anomaly, really. Come on, how many bands on the planet have done what we've done? The longevity amazes me."

Sambora says the time away has gotten him closer to his spirituality, and he adds, "Spirituality, for me, is not taking things for granted. Every night when I walk on that stage and there are people there to see us, I'm a happy dude."

The guitarist says one of the keys to the band's longevity has been finding other outlets for their creativity. He admits there was a period where he almost bowed out of the band, but over time everyone found their outside passion. Sambora says, "Even in a romantic relationship, if you lose yourself, you end up resenting the other person."

With Bon Jovi between records, Sambora has returned to his solo career with the new disc, 'Aftermath of the Lowdown.' The guitarist says there's a fair amount of openness with the record and being able to share his experiences through the music gave him "a triumphant feeling." Sambora's third solo album arrives in stores this Tuesday (Sept. 18).

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