Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is celebrating his 53rd birthday today (July 11), but he's giving fans the presents. He's just revealed the first song from his upcoming solo album, a track called 'Every Road Leads Home to You.' You can download the song for free at Sambora's website.

In addition, you can help Sambora craft the music video for the song, from the upcoming 'Aftermath of the Lowdown' album. Full details are at the website, but basically you take a picture using Instagram, and upload it. The pic has to relate to the song's lyrics.

"When the bridge is burning / And I’m losing my faith / And I’m trying to find my way towards the truth / Like a wild arrow flying / And I’m blindly running / From everything that I thought I knew / And every road leads home to you / Home to you," Sambora sings during the chorus of the piano driven, mid tempo cut.

As previously reported, ‘Aftermath of the Lowdown’ is produced by Luke Ebbin, who has worked with Sambora before on Bon Jovi's’ ‘Crush’ and ‘Bounce’ albums. This is his third solo album, his first since 'Undiscovered Soul' in 1998. The new project is due in stores and online Sept. 4.

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