Former Poco and Eagles bassist Randy Meisner has refuted bizarre allegations that his wife is trying to get him to drink himself to death.

TMZ published the initial report, which quotes an alleged friend of Meisner's as saying his wife Lana keeps him in a "state of near-constant inebriation" because "he is easier to control when he's drunk." According to the friend, who says he's attempting to have a legal conservatorship established in order to safeguard Meisner's assets, Meisner has been diagnosed with brain damage and is often allowed to go unbathed for extended periods.

Unsurprisingly, the Meisners have taken issue with these accusations. They claim Randy no longer drinks and is doing fine, and they believe the conservatorship efforts are just a means to plunder his publishing royalties, which remain extensive decades after he walked away from the Eagles. TMZ caught up with the couple in person, and in a report published April 30, they offered an on-camera rebuttal.

"I can't believe that they're doing something like this, to tell you the truth," retorted Meisner. "They want me to die so they can get the money, but it's in [Lana's] name."

Adding that he was definitely not drunk and had just enjoyed a bacon-and-eggs breakfast that he'd saved a portion of for his pet chihuahua, Meisner good-naturedly fielded a question about who landed the last punch in the infamous backstage fisticuffs between himself and Glenn Frey (he says it was a draw). As to whether they'll pursue legal action retaliating against the would-be conservators, the Meisners say they remain undecided.

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