Weeks after announcing his new 'Heavy Blues' LP, Randy Bachman has unveiled the title track -- a guitar-heavy number that lives up to its name with assistance from special guest Peter Frampton.

As previously reported, the project has its genesis in a conversation between Bachman and his friend -- and eventual 'Heavy Blues' guest -- Neil Young, who spurred him to dig deeper for his next solo effort. "He said, ‘Take some advice. Don’t do the same old crap and call it something new.’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘Don’t do the same thing and say it’s a new album … Stop, get out of the box, do something fearless, be fierce, be ferocious, reinvent yourself.’ And I go, ‘OK, great advice.’"

As you can hear in the above song, Bachman isn't reinventing the wheel with 'Heavy Blues,' but he is rolling with some pretty impressive velocity and attitude, going lick-for-lick with Frampton in a guitar workout that gives both performers room to lay out without sacrificing songwriting economy.

In addition to Frampton and Young, Bachman's joined on 'Heavy Blues' by Joe Bonamassa and Robert Randolph, and makes use of an archival performance from the late Jeff Healey. The album isn't scheduled to arrive in U.S. stores until April 15, but it's available for pre-order now.

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