With the bracingly raw, energetic 'Live at the Rainbow '74,' a big missing piece in your Queen concert video collection has been filled in spectacular fashion.

The band's '80s concerts have been well documented, from the fantastic 1981 set 'Queen Rock Montreal,' which shows Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon pushing the limits of just how dynamic a four-piece band could be on stage, to 'Live in Rio' and the more ornate, backing musician-aided mid-'80s collections 'At Wembley' and 'Live at Budapest.'

But now, we get to witness a much more primal version of Queen, just as they were becoming headliners in their home country. Filmed shortly after the release of their breakthrough third album, 'Sheer Heart Attack,' 'Live at the Rainbow '74' displays the heavier, more aggressive approach of the band's formative years.

Using almost nothing in the way of stage sets, lighting or props, and with his famous charisma and stage moves not quite fully cemented into place yet, Mercury nevertheless quickly has the crowd in the palm of his hand as he leads the band through 20 songs at a breakneck pace.

You're also frequently reminded just how much May's early work influenced future generations of headbangers. At times, he's flat out shredding. It's no wonder Metallica covered 'Stone Cold Crazy' years later.

Watch Queen Perform 'Stone Cold Crazy'

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