Put three famous drummers together, add in a not-so-random bassist who has his own degree of notoriety and you've got the makings for today's latest supergroup.

'Count Drumula' is the occasionally musical result of an April jam at Stewart Copeland's studio. The Police drummer was joined by his sometimes Oysterhead cohort Les Claypool of Primus on standup bass, Tool stickman Danny Carey and Rush drummer Neil Peart.

Billed as 'CCCP,' the strange quartet throw down a haphazardly jazzy groove with Carey adding in flourishes of trombone and Copeland showing off his tuba skills. The whole thing seems a tad weird, but it also looks like the results of a bunch of musicians who just wanted to get together and have some fun -- and isn't that the point of a jam session?

The footage made its public debut at Carey's 50th birthday party in May and there are no details at this point regarding any possible future collaborations between the four musicians, but these initial results suggest that they might benefit from a producer.

Watch CCCP Jam on 'Count Drumula'