A pig is about to fly. Literally.

The Pink Floyd promotional onslaught continues as the band readies the release of their remasters and more. The famous pig that appears on the cover of the band's album 'Animals,' which was released in 1977, will float over the actual Battersea Power Station in London on Sept. 26. Essentially, it's a real life recreation of the album's cover.

NME reports that the high-flying, inflatable pig promotion is part of the launch of the remasters and collector's edition album series. EMI, the band's label, had initially planned for the original pig to fly high above the Power Station, but it was constructed of neoprene and is unfortunately declared unfit to fly so a new PVC version had to be constructed. It was done so by Air Artists, the company that has created all inflatable Floyd items since 1976.

The Battersea Power Station is a decommissioned, coal-fired power station in London. It was featured, along with the floating pig, on the album cover. Life is imitating art again!

Addtionally, the beloved band will enjoy a whole week's worth of celebration on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' where artists of all genres will perform Pink Floyd songs!

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