Phil Collins recently made his return to the concert stage after three years of self-proclaimed retirement -- but the performance did not take place at the kind of venue you might normally expect.

On May 20, the Genesis and solo star casually strolled onstage at Miami Country Day School's middle school spring concert and addressed the audience: "How are you? Before we start, actually, I just want to say: Hello, and thank you for having me. It’s a lovely school. I’ve been here a few times before. You’re all very lucky to have such great, committed staff.”

But despite having decades of experience and what must be thousands of live performances under his belt, Collins admitted to being nervous before taking the stage.

“I was nervous, you know. I’ve been doing this all my life, but it’s still: How good can it be? All of these kids … they all made me feel like part of the band. They’re a bunch of great kids.”

Collins then proceeded to lead the school band through renditions of his 1981 solo hit 'In The Air Tonight' and Genesis' 'Land Of Confusion,' much to the audience's delight.

Could this be the lightning strike that finally brings Collins back into the spotlight? Earlier this year, he shared that he was going to be doing some songwriting with Adele. This past November, he floated the possibility of returning to action, and even performing some shows with Genesis. Only time will tell if Collins decides to retire from retirement.

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