Guitar hero Peter Frampton was injured in a car accident yesterday (July 31), but luckily, not badly enough to stop the '70s icon from breaking the news himself via his Twitter account.

Frampton was left with a hurting back and neck following the crash, which he attributed to an inattentive driver: "Texting woman driver just ran into back of me while I was stationary in traffic 101 freeway. Can u say whiplash? People put the phones down!"

He later reported that his back and neck were "not good," and promised to visit an emergency room following a previously scheduled plane flight, presumably to Minnesota, where he kicks off a six-show tour at the Rockwoods Jamfest in Ostego on Aug. 3.

There's been no clear update on his condition since then, but it seems that the shows will go on based on his most recent post, and that Frampton is taking the incident in stride: "I'm, "Grinning and Bearing" the tour already and it hasn't even started yet! Ouch!! Ha ha ha ha."

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