Pearl Jam have revealed the track listing for the soundtrack to their forthcoming 'Pearl Jam Twenty' documentary and it spans the band's entire storied career. The Seattle grunge legends actually employed a nifty online scavenger hunt so fans could "find" the track listing, but we won't bother you with needless details about all that web-based fun. We'll just tell you what songs will appear on the double disc set. It's triple the fun with Pearl Jam this fall, thanks to the doc and the two-disc soundtrack.

The first disc comprises the actual soundtrack while the other collects rarities and demos that span the band's two-decade career, such as live recordings from the '90s all the way through last year. So both discs combined certainly feel like a bit of a career retrospective that samples from the band's entire career. Additionally, alternate takes and rarities are also a part of the set, making it comprehensive and a "must own" for the diehards and collectors.

'Pearl Jam Twenty' lands at the multiplex on Sept. 20, while the soundtrack drops the same day.

'Pearl Jam Twenty' Official Soundtrack Track Listing:

Disc One – 'Pearl Jam Twenty'

'Release,' Verona, Italy 9-16-06
'Alive,' Moore Theatre, Seattle 12-22-90
'Garden,' Zurich, Switzerland 2-19-92
'Why Go,' Hamburg, Germany 3-10-92
'Black,' MTV Unplugged, NYC 3-16-92
'Blood,' Auckland, New Zealand 3-25-95
'Last Exit,' Taipei, Taiwan, 2-24-95
'Not For You,' Manila, Philippines 2-26-95
'Do The Evolution,' Monkeywrench Radio, Seattle 1-31-98
'Thumbing My Way,' Chop Suey, Seattle 9-6-02
'Crown Of Thorns,' 10th Anniversary, Las Vegas, NV 10-22-00
'Let Me Sleep,' Arena di Verona Steps, Verona, Italy 9-16-06
'Walk With Me (w/Neil Young),' Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View, CA 10-23-10
'Just Breathe,' SNL, Rockefeller Center, New York City 3-13-10

Disc Two – 'Rarities and Inspiration'

'Say Hello 2 Heaven,' Temple of the Dog Demo, 1990
'Times of Trouble,' Demo 1990
'Acoustic #1,' Demo 1991
'It Ain’t Like That,' Demo 1990
'Need to Know,' Demo 2007
'Be Like Wind,' McCready Score 2010
'Given to Fly,' McCready Instrumental 2010
'Nothing As It Seems,' Demo 1999
'Nothing As It Seems,' Seattle, 10-22-01
Indifference,' Bologna, Italy 9-14-06
'Of the Girl,' Instrumental 2000
'Faithfull,' Pistoia, Italy 9-20-06 (Soundcheck)
'Bu$hleaguer,' Nassau, NY 4-30-03
'Better Man,' New York City 5-21-10
'Rearviewmirror,' Universal City, CA 10-1-09