Pearl Jam leaned on one of Illinois' finest to close out their set at the United Center in Chicago on Tuesday.

Not The First Time Pearl Jam Covered Cheap Trick

The band wrapped up the night with a cover of Cheap Trick's "Surrender." According to Spin, the last time Pearl Jam played the song live was Aug. 20 and 22, 2016, at Wrigley Field.

A video shared online from the performance shows singer Eddie Vedder stepping back from the mic a time or two to let the audience take over.

Pearl Jam, for the most part, stayed true to Cheap Trick's original from 1978. Vedder introduced the song by saying, "We're going to send you home with a Chicago song, and it ain't 'Chicago.'"

Cheap Trick hails from the Rockford area. Guitarist Rick Nielsen and bassist Tom Petersson have also made surprise guest appearances onstage with Pearl Jam, including a 2016 show in New York when they played "Surrender" at Madison Square Garden.

Vedder later leaped from a stage monitor as the rest of Pearl Jam hit the final note of the Cheap Trick classic at the United Center. You can watch the performance below.

Pearl Jam's Fall Tour Plans

The cover of "Surrender" wrapped up a 24-song set for Pearl Jam during their first night at the United Center. You can see the set list below. The band is set for a second show at the Chicago arena on Thursday.

Between the two dates, the Chicago Cubs held a Pearl Jam Ten Club Day at Wrigley Field on Wednesday. Members of the band's fan club had a chance to grab a limited edition Eddie Vedder Cubs jersey.

After the Chicago dates, Pearl Jam will continue their fall tour in Indianapolis on Sept. 10.

Pearl Jam, 9/5/23, United Center, Chicago
1. "Release"
2. "Low Light"
3. "Just Breathe"
4. "Retrograde"
5. "Who Ever Said"
6. "Courduroy"
7. "God's Dice"
8. "Faithful"
9. "Quick Escape"
10. "Animal"
11. "Light Years"
12. "Even Flow"
13. "Dance of the Clairvoyants"
14. "In My Tree"
15. "Comatose"
16. "Down"
17. "Rearviewmirror"
18. "Throw Your Arms Around Me"
19. "Inside Job"
20. "Wishlist"
21. "Not For You"
22. "Better Man"
23. "Alive"
24. "Surrender"

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