Did you think the drama between Kiss and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was over?


Paul Stanley lit up Hall of Fame co-founder Jann Wenner and company on Twitter tonight, labeling them "spineless weasels" and saying the band were treated like "uninvited guests" during Thursday night's induction ceremony.

"Our treatment at the RRHOF confirmed my worst suspicions," Stanley fumed. "Wenner and the rest are spineless weasels." He went on to briefly explain that the band wasn't given passes or a schedule for the evening. (He didn't specify what kind of passes or schedules he was talking about.)

As we've covered quite extensively, Stanley and the band's other original remaining member, Gene Simmons, butted heads with the Hall of Fame and former bandmates Ace Frehley and Peter Criss almost from the moment their induction became official. As a result of these disagreements, no version of the band performed at the event, which saw only the four original members of the group inducted.

Stanley used part of his acceptance speech to rip the Hall of Fame's selection process, saying that rock fans "don’t want to be spoon-fed with a handful of choices. The people buy tickets, the people buy albums, the people who nominate do not."

Simmons, while not addressing the band's treatment at the ceremony directly, has also taken a couple of shots at Rolling Stone magazine -- of which Wenner is the editor and publisher -- on his Twitter account tonight. First he mocked their original critical review of Led Zeppelin's first album, adding the comment "Rolling Stone. Idiots then. Idiots now." Then he posted a sarcastic link to a video from the band Christopher Milk, which features John Mendelsohn, the reporter who wrote that Zeppelin review. (In Mendelsohn's defense, we somehow gave the first Superheavy album a positive review.)

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