Paul Simon has released a new song with members of the Social Experiment. The track, called "Stranger," contains elements of two songs Simon released earlier this year on his latest album, Stranger to Stranger: "The Werewolf" and "The Clock."

You can listen to the song above.

The five-minute track is basically an atmospheric remix by Nico Segal and Nate Fox, two members of the Chicago-based Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment. (Segal used to go by the pseudonym Donnie Trumpet.) The new song features some of the sonic textures found on the group's acclaimed Surf album from 2015.

Segal is also part of the Savemoney hip-hop collective with Chance the Rapper, who released one of 2016's best albums, Coloring Book.

Speaking of great albums released this year, Simon's Stranger to Stranger is his best in years. Along with longtime collaborator Roy Halee, he created a musical landscape that's just as rooted in his past as it is in the future. Simon has worked some of these fields before, like 2006's Brian Eno-assisted Surprise

So, this new track with the Social Experiment's Segal and Fox isn't too far removed from Simon's usual risk-taking adventures.

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