Pattie Boyd, the artist and model whose relationships with George Harrison and Eric Clapton inspired some of rock's most enduring love songs, wed for the third time April 29.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Boyd wed Rod Weston, a property developer with whom she's had a long-term relationship since the end of her marriage to Clapton in 1989. The paper notes that the couple separated for a time in 2005, but the time apart strengthened their bond; as Boyd put it, "I realized that I could actually stand up to a man and he wasn't going to desert me — so I thank him for that."

Boyd caught Harrison's eye on the set of the Beatles' movie A Hard Day's Night, and they married in 1966, attempting some semblance of domesticity at Harrison's Friar Park estate during the furor of Beatlemania. According to Boyd, Harrison wrote the Beatles classic "Something" for her, but the song's soothing tones didn't necessarily reflect their occasionally tempestuous marriage, which ended in 1974.

The split, as rock fans are well aware, was partly caused by Boyd being wooed by Clapton, whose tortured feelings for his friend's wife were captured in the massive hit "Layla." Clapton and Boyd were wed in 1979, separating five years later before officially divorcing in 1989.

Here's hoping the third time's the charm for Ms. Boyd. To see photos from the blessed event, visit the Daily Telegraph's report.

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