As anyone who's ever watched an episode of 'The Osbournes' is no doubt aware, Black Sabbath singer and solo star Ozzy Osbourne can be somewhat difficult to understand when he isn't singing -- but it isn't just the sloppy diction of a legendary rock star that's to blame: Ozzy hails from Birmingham, where the thick "Brummie accent" was recently voted the "least cool" in all of England.

But help is on the way, thanks to an intrepid software developer who's bringing a little gadget called the iBrummie app to your iPhone.

Athernet, the company behind the app, is no stranger to the translation game -- they've already found success with iWiganese, an app that helps translate the speech of residents of the Wigan area of Lancashire.

They held a competition to determine whose voice would be used for iBrummie, eventually settling on a retired paramedic who referred to himself as "about as Brummie as it gets."

If you're interested in finally figuring out what the Prince of Darkness has been saying all these years, iBrummie will be available as a free download at iTunes and the Android market starting Dec. 19.

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