Ozzy Osbourne may not believe the world wants new music from Black Sabbath, but that won't stop him from resuming his solo career once the band calls it quits.

Osbourne opened up about his future plans in a recent interview with News.com.au, reiterating that Sabbath opted against recording a follow-up to 2013's 13 album for largely pragmatic reasons.

"Number one: People aren’t really interested in hearing new stuff," he argued. "And number two: If we were to do an album before the tour, it would take three or four years to complete the album. We want to end it on a high note."

Instead, the band will say goodbye with its The End tour, which is scheduled to begin Jan. 20 in Omaha. "I thought no one would remember me when we first started playing music. I’d rather end it now though than drag it out for another five albums," Osbourne added. "I mean, I’m 67. When we started out, I thought, 'This thing will be all right for a year or two.'"

That said, Osbourne also made it clear he has no plans to hang it up after Sabbath call it a day. "I did pretty well for 35 years — and I’m not retiring," he insisted. "I’m going to do a solo album and a solo tour. I mean, my wife’s a shopaholic, always off buying f---ing shoes or something, so I’ve got to keep the money coming somehow."

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