Ozzy Osbourne revealed that every time he bought a Ferrari, his wife Sharon Osbourne would sell them again in order to prevent accidents caused by his drinking. In a new interview, he also described himself as 70 years old, although he’s actually 69.

“I am so pleased I gave up drinking,” Osbourne told The Guardian. “At one point, I never ever imagined going a day. I was a raging alcoholic. When I used to drink booze, I’d buy a Ferrari or whatever, and Sharon would always be getting rid of them so I didn’t do anything stupid when I was drunk.”

The veteran vocalist, who gave up driving earlier this year, admitted that decision-making wasn’t a “strong point” for him, adding, “I have real problems with that. ‘Ozzy, do you want the red one or the black one?’ ‘Oh, I don’t fucking know, you pick.’”

Osbourne also said he hoped to one day move back to England, because it was “easy to fall into the L.A. bullshit” including misleading coverage in the National Enquirer. “I come from Aston in Birmingham, y’know?” he added. “I used to play on bombsites. I don’t get to go back very often, but I went back for some BBC show once. There’s a guy living in the house I grew up in, and they charge people £200 to sleep in the bedroom I had as a kid.”

The former Black Sabbath frontman said he wanted to be remembered for his work with the band, noting: “I’m so proud of the music.” He kicked off his farewell world tour last month.

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