We are pleased to present the video premiere of ‘High Road,’ the new single and title track for the upcoming Night Ranger album, which will be released by Frontiers Records on June 10.

Sunshine surrounds the members of Night Ranger as they perform in front of an old boating building in Petaluma, California. It all provides an appropriate visual setting for the new track, which bassist/vocalist Jack Blades called “the feel-good song of the summer.”

The song was co-written with Jack’s son Colin, himself a singer-songwriter and, as Blades shared with Ultimate Classic Rock during a recent conversation, their collaboration happened organically.

“Colin was sitting in the kitchen and he was just sitting there playing a song and he goes, ‘I’ve got this new song’ and it’s like, ‘Tell all my friends / I’m going out to the desert this weekend.’ He had the ideas [for the chorus melodies] and all of that and Kelly [Keagy] and I are sitting there going, ‘This is freakin’ great -- this is unbelievable.’ So we actually just said, ‘Let’s do it -- let’s put this together and let’s throw it down.’ We went into the studio, Brad [Gillis], Kelly and me, and we just threw it down with Colin. We just all got in there and just laid it down and in about 45 minutes the song was cut. I mean, we didn’t even have an ending, we just said ‘Here’s how to end it’ [and ended it]. It was just one of those natural things.“

Colin collaborated with the band on their 2011 album ‘Somewhere In California’ and also wrote with Blades for his solo album ‘Rock N' Roll Ride.’ He sings background vocals on the ‘High Road’ album, and Blades is quick to acknowledge that it’s no big surprise that Colin ended up catching the songwriting bug. “You know, he’s been around hooks and choruses for his entire life since he was born -- before he was born….since he was in his mother’s belly! All he’s heard is choruses, melodies and hooks -- all of that kind of stuff. So he’s got that in his brain. That just oozes out in him in so many different ways.”

Eleven albums into their career, Night Ranger is still pushing forward creatively with ‘High Road.' Even as they aim to write and record material that will be in the zone of the classic sound that fans expect, they have a realistic perspective regarding what works and doesn’t work.

“What do you do when you’re a bunch of guys who have been in a band for 30-something years? You’re at the stage of the game where you’re an older guy now and you can’t write songs like, ‘Ooh, come on baby, give it to me, yeah yeah. I want to nail you real hard, right now.’ What do you do? You start doing songs like that and everybody goes “Creepy.” [Laughs] So I think it’s a challenge, but it’s a good challenge. You know, we want to be positive. I think there’s enough negativity in the world, there’s enough darkness and Night Ranger has always been an up band. You know, ‘(You Can Still) Rock In America,’ ‘Sister Christian,’ ‘When You Close Your Eyes,’ ‘Four In The Morning,’ ‘Goodbye,’ all of these songs, you know we want to keep things positive. I feel like we’ve accomplished that goal on the ‘High Road’ record with the tunes.”

Check out the video above and read more information about the new album here.

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