Just in time to answer any skeptics who might be wondering if you can still rock in America, Night Ranger will release ‘High Road,’ their 11th studio album on June 10 via Frontiers Records.

‘High Road’ features 11 new tracks, including the title song (which was co-written by Blades’ son Colin), ‘Knock Knock Never Stop,’ ‘Brothers’ and ‘St. Bartholomew.’ The deluxe edition of the album adds a bonus song plus a DVD featuring two videos and look at the process of making the album.

Their 2011 album ‘Somewhere In California’ marked a return to what drummer/vocalist Kelly Keagy told Ultimate Classic Rock was the “classic Night Ranger sound” of "hard rock [with] pop choruses, dual lead guitars and the vocals." The veteran San Francisco rockers promise that ‘High Road’ will deliver a new batch of tunes crafted in a similar vein.

Bassist/vocalist Jack Blades told Ultimate Classic Rock that “we’re pretty excited” about the new album.”The music is classic Night Ranger stuff, really rockin’ and a carryover of what we do best, which is straight-ahead American rock and roll. Case closed.”

The past few years have been really productive ones for Night Ranger, with the group releasing the ‘Somewhere In California’ album and a subsequent live acoustic release as well. Heavy touring surrounded their creative work, including a lengthy tour with Journey and Foreigner.

Last year, Keagy admitted that a prolific streak of writing and recording which began with the 'Hole In The Sun' album in 2007 came as a bit of a surprise.

“It was kind of interesting to have this flurry of activity after having a long eight-year break in between recording. We were really ready to start recording and getting creative and stuff but it’s just all about….after being together for 30-plus years, you know when you go back in and start thinking about doing another record, it’s like, 'What do you write about now?' After doing eight or 10 records, it’s a tough process because things change with your life and you’re not the same kid you were when you got signed in the beginning and it’s like, 'How do you make it sound mature but still rockin'' — but not sound like you’re still trying to be a kid at 50-plus years [of age] and all that.”

According to Keagy, the sessions for the latest album were extremely inspired. He says that he, Blades and Night Ranger guitarist Brad Gillis made a conscious attempt to get in a room and "just jammed" with no preconceived ideas and before they knew it, they had eight songs.

As Blades shares, guitarist Joel Hoekstra and keyboardist Eric Levy also played an important part in the sessions for the new album.

“We really cut Eric loose and let him come up with whatever he wanted to come up with and we’re really happy with everything. Joel is always great. He was very much involved with the last record, so he’s very much involved with this one too. You know, with Night Ranger, there’s no egos. It’s like, “Dude, what have you got? Cut it loose!” It’s not like ‘Hey man, Brad Gillis is the guitar player, so you kind of lay low on it.’ It’s not like that at all.”

Night Ranger will be on the road this year in support of ‘High Road’ with extensive touring planned for North America and the rest of the world. You can watch an EPK with further information about the new album here.

'High Road' Track Listing 

1. 'High Road'
2. 'Knock Knock Never Stop'
3. 'Rollin' On'
4. 'Don't Live Here Any More'
5. 'I'm Coming Home'
6. 'X Generation'
7. 'Only For You Only'
8. 'Hang On'
9. 'St. Bartholomew'
10. 'Brothers'
11. 'L.A. No Name'
12. 'The Mountain Song'*

*Available on Deluxe Edition

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