Two world-famous drummers took wildly divergent paths to get here. For Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden, there was the slimmest of victories in our new March Drum Madness bracket. For Keith Moon? A complete blow out.

We placed 32 of the most famous drummers in classic rock history into our March Drum Madness bracket. We're down to the "Sweet 16" already, and that number will be cut in half four more times until we arrive at your choice for the greatest rock drummer of all time.

McBrain, a stalwart member of Iron Maiden since 1982's classic Piece of Mind album, just barely squeezed by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac to advance. The final margin of victory on that ballot was a razor-thin 50.44 to 49.56.

Dave Grohl -- who rose to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame status as the drummer for Nirvana before switching to guitar with Foo Fighters -- didn't fare quite as well. In fact, Grohl fell to his counterpart in the Who by a very wide margin, 77.64 to 22.36.

Will McBrain or Moon manage that kind of landslide this time, or are we looking at another classic nail-biter? You decide. Vote once per hour in each of our March Drum Madness battles until the second round closes on March 26 at 11:59PM ET. The ultimate winner will be revealed on April 7.


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