Following his recent official confirmation of a heavily rumored orchestral project, Neil Young has released details of the album, titled 'Storytone' and due Nov. 4.

Young touched on the new album during a newly published interview with Rolling Stone, calling it "the most different thing that I've ever attempted" and revealing that it'll be released in two versions -- one solo acoustic, the other featuring "orchestral and big-band arrangements, all recorded live with no overdubs, and Young singing in the same room as the musicians."

Conductor, arranger and co-producer Michael Bearden told the magazine that Young "took himself out of his comfort zone" for 'Storytone,' adding that some of the songs were inspired by "some changes in [Young's] private life" and noting approvingly, "Apparently a lot of these recent personal experiences went into these songs. It's a big ball of vulnerability, and that's what I love about it."

Take a look at the complete 'Storytone' track listing below, and check out the electric, orchestral and acoustic versions of album track 'Who's Gonna Stand Up?' before heading over to Young's online store to decide which of the record's various versions you'd like to buy.

Neil Young 'Storytone' Track Listing
'Plastic Flowers'
'Who's Gonna Stand Up?'
'I Want to Drive My Car'
'Say Hello to Chicago'
'Like You Used to Do'
'I'm Glad I Found You'
'When I Watch You Sleeping'
'All Those Dreams'

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