Offering further proof that there's truth to those rumors about Neil Young working on a new album with an orchestra, rock's most prolific grizzled Canadian is now streaming a studio version of his new song 'Who's Gonna Stand Up?' that finds him backed by -- you guessed it -- an orchestra.

You can hear the new song above; it's also being offered at Young's official site, along with an acoustic version and the recently posted live performance with Crazy Horse. According to a news post at Young's site, the orchestral sessions found Young working with a group of more than 90 people, including "over 60 of the music industry's finest musicians and a 30-voice choir," all coming together to produce an "epic" that "resonates with a sound that has never been heard on a protest song before."

As we previously reported, Young was moved to compose 'Who's Gonna Stand Up?' by the new documentary 'Under the Influence,' which takes a harsh look at the way money shapes politics in the U.S. Telling listeners that "This all starts with you and me," the song warns that we need to "Protect the wild / Tomorrow’s child / Protect the land from the greed of man / Take down the dams / Stand up to oil /Protect the plants and renew the soil" and asks, "Who’s gonna stand up and save the earth? / Who’s gonna say that she’s had enough? / Who’s gonna take on the big machine?"

While Young has yet to issue an official confirmation of that rumored orchestral project, reportedly titled 'Storytone,' he's clearly ready and willing to drop new music at a moment's notice, and we won't be surprised if it arrives before the end of the year.

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