There's nothing quite like an angry Neil Young song, and the latest finds him more ticked off than ever.

The new song, titled 'Who's Gonna Stand Up,' was inspired by the documentary 'Under the Influence,' which makes an impassioned argument against the influence of corporate money in American politics. Recorded during a July stop on Young's recent tour with Crazy Horse, the nearly six-minute track serves as the latest act of musical advocacy in a career filled with them. Give it a listen:

Exhorting listeners to "Protect the wild / Tomorrow's child / Protect the land from the greed of man / Take down the dams / Stand up to oil /Protect the plants and renew the soil," the song finds Young wondering, "Who's gonna stand up and save the earth? / Who's gonna say that she's had enough? / Who's gonna take on the big machine?" and issuing a stern reminder that "This all starts with you and me!"

'Who's Gonna Stand Up' follows Young's latest studio LP, 'A Letter Home,' released in April. It may not be his last new music of the year, either; if recent reports are correct, it could serve as a prelude for the orchestral album Young's rumored to be recording. Reportedly titled 'Storytone,' it's said to be scheduled for a Nov. 4 release date.

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