Only the world's most foolish musician would actively wish harm on his or her fans. But when you're part of a band that rocks as hard as Motorhead and one of your concertgoers ends up in the hospital due to excessive headbanging, you can't help but take it as a compliment.

Just ask drummer Mikkey Dee, who expressed a fairly complicated blend of pride and concern when asked about the incident during a recent interview. Making clear that his first reaction was "'Oh, no! Poor guy,'" Dee stressed, "Of course, we don't want anyone to get hurt at our shows."

That being said, Dee accentuated the positive, adding, "They said, 'It's confirmed, Motorhead is the hardest-rocking band in the world.' ... I think we're gonna send him a hockey helmet and maybe a neck brace or something. He's gotta take it a little bit cooler."

Asked if he was surprised by the injury, he shrugged, "I'm not surprised at all, actually. This s--- happens to us all the time. We said all these years that we're like 'Spinal Tap' and no script. If it is gonna be any band that ends up with these type of stories, it's obviously us. I'm not surprised. I just don't like when it's injury involved or people getting hurt, but if it does have a happy ending, yeah, I'm sure the guy can forgive us."