A Motley Crue ‘Shout At The Devil’ autographed world tour book and other framed vintage memorabilia sold for $5,000 during a recent eBay auction. Who knew? In 1984 Motley Crue were the last band on earth you might expect to get the “shadow box” treatment but this fan (seller) had a vision and clearly, it’s paid off.

The size alone warrants attention as this black matted piece is 34 x 38 and professionally framed, shadow boxing a montage of Motley Crue gems including its centered piece; a fully autographed (in sliver marker!) ‘Shout At The Devil’ tour book. The autographs were examined by PSA / DNA Authentication Services and were certified legit in 2011 so the seller has included the letter of authenticity as part of the sale.

The gems within the frame include; a 1984 official tour headband, Tommy Lee’s signature Ahead drumstick and a leather custom made ‘Shout At The Devil’ wristband with studs and logos. Genuine Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars guitar picks are also encased along with vintage passes, ticket stubs, handbills and band buttons. Last but not least, a custom engraved name plate is also part of this rare wall display.

So, if you’re a hoarder of band memorabilia this is certainly a clever way to re-sell items that you’ve spent a lifetime collecting. On the other hand, if you’re a new fan or collector what a great opportunity to get a lot of hard to find pieces, all organized and displayed together. No matter what side of the auction you find yourself on, 5K is big money for Motley Crue wall art. That said, move over Picasso and make room for the new oeuvre, neatly dressed in black studded leather.


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