Motley Crue and Jack Daniel's are partnering up? Now there's a real shocker. The Crue, known for their hedonistic pursuits, many of which were chronicled in their best-selling rock 'n' roll Boy Scout's manual 'The Dirt,' are teaming up with the popular liquor brand for a one-of-a-kind promotion at the Sunset Strip Musical Festival on Aug. 18.

A special barrel of the whiskey was recently donated to lead singer Vince Neil's Skylar Neil Foundation in honor of the Crue receiving the 2011 Elmer Valentine Award, which they will pick up at the festival. They band is being recognized for its many contributions to the Strip.

Therefore, Jack Daniel's execs -- never ones to skip out on a party -- created nearly 300 commemorative bottles for the event, which will be available for a suggested donation of $100 at the tribute. The bottles are collectible, as they come with an engraved medallion that reads "Specially Selected for Motley Crue." The Skylar Neil Foundation was started by Neil after his young daughter died of cancer in 1995.

So know you know why the packaging is special, but what about the whiskey itself? Well, Jack Daniel's Master Taster Jeff Norman described this particular batch of the Tennessee's finest as having a hint of soft oak, caramel and vanilla, topped off with a spicy finish. We're getting tipsy just thinking about it.

Additionally, the original barrel, signed by the band, will be available at the silent auction which takes place that evening. A framed Jack Daniel's Sunset Strip street pole banner will go up on the auctioneer's block.

The Crue are being recognized for the way they re-established the Strip as one of the top music destinations in the world. It's only fitting that they invited a libation legend to the party to raise a glass -- or in this case, a bottle -- alongside them.