As we reported a couple of months ago, Aug. 18 was declared "Motley Crue Day" by the city of West Hollywood, Calif., and as part of the festivities a roast of the band was held that night at the city's House of Blues. Dane Cook's complete performance from that night has now been posted online.

"Now I'm going to smash these guys for a few, cause that's what you f---ing do, respectfully," says Cook, before launching into a six-minute roast that tears apart each member one at a time. Actually, he basically talks about how tight he is with Tommy Lee for a few minutes, tells some cruel jokes about Mick Mars' health for a few minutes, and then tells one lame joke each about Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx. It may not be as high quality as some of the roasts that turn up on Comedy Central, but then again, Comedy Central has actual comedians doing the roasting.

Just kidding, Dane!

The night, which kicked off this year's Sunset Strip Music Festival, saw Motley Crue also accept the Elmer Valentine Award in honor of their thirty years contributing to the local music scene, in addition to performing a concert on the Strip itself, which had been closed down for the event.

Comedian Dane Cook Roasts Motley Crue