Who is the most famous musician that was born the same year as you? Science has the answer.

Stacker identified musicians born every year from 1920 to 2003 and then selected the top three musicians in each year using page view analysis from Wikipedia while ignoring data spikes that may have been caused by big news stories or other anomalies.

The result is a full list of the most famous musicians born the same year as you, including some of the biggest names in pop, rock, rap, and jazz.

There are some tough and easily debatable calls here. For example, the 1943 nod is given to Beatles guitarist George Harrison, which seems like a shoo-in... until you realize Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was also born that year.

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Classic rock purists may shake their head at 1949's result, as Commodores singer and solo star Lionel Richie gets the nod over both Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. But don't worry, rock and roll gets more than its fair share of wins, such as Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose beating out country megastar Garth Brooks for 1962 honors.

Another round in the ongoing "Prince or Michael Jackson?" debate goes to the King of Pop in 1958, with Madonna earning a bronze medal. Find out who your famous birth year buddy is below. Who knows, you might even share the exact same birthday!

LOOK: See the Most Famous Musician Born the Same Year As You

Stacker identified musicians born in every year from 1920 to 2003 and determined the most famous born the same year as you.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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