If you're a classic rock fan, chances are you're excited about the recent news regarding the impending release of Pink Floyd's first new album in over 20 years. Not everyone shares that enthusiasm, however.

Winery Dogs drummer Mike Portnoy shared his ambivalence about the idea in a post on his Facebook page, arguing that the group has gone through too many lineup changes to carry on under the Floyd banner in good conscience. "What's this about a new 'Pink Floyd' album?" he wondered. "Last I checked, [Roger] Waters is no longer in the band and [Richard] Wright & [Syd] Barrett are dead."

Musing further on the news that the new project (dubbed 'The Endless River') originated from recordings made during 1994 sessions for the David Gilmour-led edition's most recent album, Portnoy argued, "If these are leftovers from 'The Division Bell' sessions, then just put em on a 'TDB' Special Edition release! It's disrespectful to Roger & everything he built for all those years!" As he sees it, Gilmour should "just do a solo album."

Given that a deluxe 'Division Bell' reissue was recently released, it's easy to see where Portnoy is coming from on that last point. He admits, however, that his ire really stems from the absence of the creative tension between Waters and Gilmour -- something quite a few fans also miss.

In a subsequent post, he added, "OK, I'll meet the Gilmour fans half-way and say IMO, the 'real' Pink Floyd is BOTH Gilmour/Waters TOGETHER....'[Piper at the Gates of Dawn'] was a Syd album, 'The Final Cut' was a Waters album and ['A Momentary Lapse of Reason']/'TDB' are Gilmour albums...the 'magic' was Waters/Gilmour TOGETHER."

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