Mike and the Mechanics will release their first album since 2011's The Road this spring. Let Me Fly, due April 7, is the eighth studio effort from Genesis co-founder Mike Rutherford's other hit-making band.

“In 1985, we were having the best time in Genesis,” Rutherford says in a press release announcing the album. “But after 28 years, myself [and fellow Genesis members] Phil [Collins] and Tony [Banks] wanted variety, so we ran our band and our solo careers side by side happily for many years. To be honest, it saved Genesis. The fact I’m still doing it with the Mechanics just makes me smile.”

Let Me Fly is the second record to feature the current Mike and the Mechanics lineup, which coalesced around singers Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar in 2010. Keyboardist Luke Juby, drummer Gary Wallis and guitarist Anthony Drennan round out the band. Vocalist Paul Young (who sang the hit singles "All I Need Is a Miracle" and "Taken In") died in 2000; Paul Carrack ("Silent Running," "The Living Years") left in 2004, around the time the band took a break. They returned with a 2014 update of "Living Years," which went to No. 1 25 years earlier.

An advance single from Let Me Fly, "Don’t Know What Came Over Me," is expected on Feb. 28. Look for a complete track listing for the album below. Mike and the Mechanics will tour the U.K. and Europe into March; after that, things are up in the air, Rutherford admitted. “I’ve never had a long-term plan, even with Genesis," he said. "I’ll put Let Me Fly out and I’ll see where it goes. What happens this year will tell me what to do next. I like that!”

Mike and the Mechanics 'Let Me Fly' Track Listing
"Let Me Fly"
"Are You Ready"
"The Best Is Yet to Come"
"Save the World"
"High Life"
"Don’t Know What Came Over Me"
"The Letter"
"Not Out of Love"
"Love Left Over"
"I’ll Be There for You"
"Save My Soul"

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