Bassist Robert Trujillo says Metallica's new album is "all centered around the jam," as the four members connect again in the studio with producer Greg Fidelman. "Basically, you take it a step at a time," Trujillo said on Talk Is Jericho. "You jam through it. You jam it, you know? Then you get the right feel. ... That's where the magic comes from."

Trujillo's time with Metallica – which began ahead of 2008's Death Magnetic, their most recent studio effort – coincided with Fidelman coming on board as engineer. That long-term relationship has made for a much more relaxed situation, despite Metallica's lag time between albums.

"We're having a great time, it feels great," Trujillo added. "We're still working. It's going to be a little while. Everybody's gotta be patient, you know? But it's coming, and that's the beautiful thing."

The band isn't even close to confirming a release date, but clearly things are heating up: Host Chris Jericho mentions that the interview was postponed a week after the bassist was called back to San Francisco to participate in Metallica sessions. "Yeah, it's no secret,' Trujillo confirmed. "We're working hard, and getting pulled away from whatever I'm doing for Metallica is not a bad thing. That means I'm getting pulled away by the album."

Fidelman most recently produced Slayer's Repentless, after earlier stints as engineer with Black Sabbath (13), the Red Hot Chili Peppers (I'm With You, Californication), Adele (21) and System of a Down's self-titled album.

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