Metallica performed a 12-song acoustic set on Saturday at the Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium in their hometown of San Francisco.

The show was held to benefit the band’s All Within My Hands charity foundation. You can see the full set list, as well as some performances, below.

Along with a series of rearranged songs of their own, the thrash icons also delivered covers of Deep Purple’s “When a Blind Man Cries,” Nazareth’s “Please Don’t Judas Me,” Blue Oyster Cult’s “Veteran of the Psychic Wars” and Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page.”

“That sounds a little different,” frontman James Hetfield said after the opening number “Disposable Heroes.” He also joked “I’m not nervous at all” before starting the rare set.

Metallica launched the All Within My Hands program last year. Explaining the motivation, drummer Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone in May, “As someone who has been a loner for most of my life, being in the Metallica family has always given me a sense of belonging and made me feel like I was not alone.

"As we all know, hard rock can sometimes, in different parts of the world, be looked down upon as a second-class member of the global music community," Ulrich continued. "So we are additionally pleased that we can show everyone that hard rock and metal fans can be as compassionate and as selfless as any other people in the worldwide charitable family and the bad stigma that sometimes is hung upon them/us as somehow lesser citizens can be readdressed.”

Metallica Acoustic Show, 11/3/18
1. “Disposable Heroes”
2. “When a Blind Man Cries”
3. “The Unforgiven”
4. “Please Don't Judas Me”
5. “Turn the Page”
6. “Bleeding Me”
7. “Veteran of the Psychic Wars”
8. “Nothing Else Matters”
9. “All Within My Hands”
10. “Enter Sandman”
11. “The Four Horsemen”
12. “Hardwired”



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