Metallica fans in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, may be in for a mega disappointment. According to, the city is stating they will deny municipal services for Metallica’s upcoming concert on the Garrison Grounds July 14 unless promoter Harold MacKay repays approximately CAD $360,000 to the city. In other words, the show might not happen.

In a June 15 letter, Jerry Blackwood, the revenue manager for Halifax Regional Municipality, explained to promoter Michelle MacKay of MacKay Entertainment Inc. that the town has been working to recover the remaining cash of the CAD $400,000 the city advanced to Harold MacKay last summer, due to poor ticket sales for the Black Eyed Peas and Alan Jackson concerts.

The city is looking to withhold services such as police, fire and a permit allowing the sale of concessions.

The official letter states, "The MacKay family has asked the municipality to provide services in support of the Metallica concert.”

It goes onto say the city is not obliged to provide the services MacKay has requested: “If you and any member of your family wish to continue to do concert business with the municipality, the municipality expects that a payment plan to reimburse the public for concert debts will have to be negotiated."

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UPDATED June 29: Looks like the show's back on track!

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