Over the years we’ve published so many articles about a new Metallica album on the way that we’ve become jaded. But if we’ve risen to the level of the popular Internet meme, “pictures or it didn’t happen,” perhaps we can start to believe again.

Yesterday (Jan. 16), the band posted a photo to their Instagram account. It features bassist Robert Trujillo recording in front of a mixing desk while a bandaged hand gives the devil-horn salute. “Rockin along…” reads the caption.

Metallica haven’t put out a proper Metallica album since 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic.’ In the interim, they’ve released ‘Lulu,’ a much-derided collaboration with Lou Reed and ‘Through the Never,’ the soundtrack to the 2013 concert film of the same name. Nearly a year ago, they began performing a new song, ‘Lords of Summer.’

Last month, their former producer Bob Rock told Eddie Trunk that he’s looking forward to their next work. “I think they’ve gotta continue to move forward,” he said. “I think [with 2008's] ‘Death Magnetic,’ they went back to their roots, which is great. And I think they’ve got a landmark record in them, and it’s probably brewing right now.”

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