"Ultimately, it’s just about making a muddy field and 75,000 people feel as intimate as possible."

In a move that festival organizer Michael Eavis predicted would "[please] so many thousands of people," this year's Glastonbury has added Metallica to a lineup that already included Arcade Fire and Kasabian -- and drummer Lars Ulrich, who had earlier admitted to MTV that headlining there would be a bucket list event for him, is plenty excited about it.

Ulrich opened up about the band's plans for the gig during a recent interview with the Guardian, saying he's excited about performing in a venue that isn't historically all that metal-friendly. "Isn’t it wonderful, 33 years in, to be able to place yourself in situations where that’s even a distinct possibility that you actually have to go and, like you say, win people over?," he mused. "I don’t know if the competitive fire burns with quite the same spark as it did 20 years ago, so I don’t know if we’re as concerned about that stuff as we used to be. But obviously, playing to any people who may not be overly familiar with what you’re doing is always interesting."

He went on to add that the band would be playing a "straightforward set" rather than opening it up to fan requests as they've been doing on their current tour, and hinted that the audience might hear something even newer than 'The Lords of Summer,' the new song they debuted during their recent Latin American dates. "We played a new song every night in Latin America, and that was a lot of fun. And that’s definitely what we’re planning on doing in Europe," he mused. "Whether it’ll be ['The Lords of Summer'] or not, I don’t know yet. We still have about three weeks to tinker around and see what else we come up with."

Admitting he's "aware of the fact that in England some people dismiss hard rock as something that’s lesser-than, or it’s not as valuable, or it’s not as important," Ulrich conceded. "Hard rock sometimes hasn’t done itself any favours by embracing cliches and some sexism and short-sightedness. But that’s not necessarily limited to hard rock." Either way, he added, "for better or worse, we’re coming! And we’re pretty f---ing excited about it. If anybody has anything to say, then it’s a two-fingered salute and take that with ya."

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