By now, you’re no doubt counting down the days until the much ballyhooed collaboration between Lou Reed & Metallica lands in stores on Nov. 1.

Well, we’ve got some good news for collectors and uber-fans of the nascent Loutallica project. ‘Lulu’ will be issued as a deluxe version in what looks like some very creative packaging.

This special edition will be house in a tubular container featuring the red-headed Lulu mannequin complete with arms, unlike the regular cover art.

This package will come with a two-disc digipak and a larger poster with song lyrics, along with three photos shot by Anton Corbijn. So you can frame and decorate your home with the images or you can keep them in the vial and leave it on a mantle or a shelf. So many decorative and sonic options! 'Lulu' is proving to be an audio visual marvel.

Loutallica also issued the lyrics to another new song, ‘Dragon’ here. Between this and the first single 'The View,' this collaboration certainly features a lot of dark, almost disturbing poetry! The words are set against a stark white background, with splashes (or is it splatter?) of color thanks to the song title and album title being written in red. Reed really went to the darkest of places when writing the lyrics for ‘Lulu’ tracks.