Depending on how deep one's pockets are, there's are plenty of bonus items to be found alongside Lou Reed and Metallica's collaborative album 'Lulu' when it's available Nov. 1. The Loutallica official store lists packages as simple as just the double album on CD for $19.99 up to a deluxe poster box set for $119.99.

Also available for pre-order is a double vinyl LP for $44.95 and a two book box set for $109.99. One book is 20 pages of photos taken of the artists in Gothenburg, Sweden last summer, while the other is 28 pages of lyrics from the songs alongside items from the Werkbundarchiv Museum Der Dinge in Berlin, Germany.

The music revolves around two German plays about a young abused dancer's life and relationships. Reed had written some of the lyrics for a theatrical production of the 'Lulu Plays' before teaming up with Metallica in 2009 at the Rock and Roll of Fame Concert.

"I could take off my singer and lyricist hat and concentrate on the music part," Metallica's James Hetfield says of his role in the project. "Lars (Ulrich) and I sat there with an acoustic and let this blank canvas take us where it needed to go. It was a great gift, to be asked to stamp 'Tallica on it. And that's what we did."

Early reviews and fan reaction to the album's first song 'The View' indicate that the collaboration won't be for everyone. It's definitely more artistic than Metallica's best known hits, while the rocker's guitars aren't what Reed fans are used to either.