Throughout his career, Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham has consistently kept the listener guessing as to what his next move would sound like, and his new single ‘In Our Own Time’ strikes a compelling groove while maintaining that sense of mystery.

‘In Our Own Time’ is the first official single from Buckingham’s new album ‘Seeds We Sow,’ which he’s describing as possibly the best work he’s ever done. Buckingham makes specific reference to the “tools” of his musical vocabulary when calling the album an “excellent representation” of what he does.

Listening to ‘In Our Own Time,’ it’s evident that Buckingham has been quite busy in that toolshed, as the single puts forth a sound that is so experimentally out there that it’s not immediately clear who exactly you're listening to in the initial moments.

Compressed almost beyond recognition, Buckingham’s opening vocal isn’t immediately identifiable, but very quickly slips into more familiar territory. In context with Buckingham’s past work, 'In Our Own Time' falls on the noisier side of things, with a schizophrenic amount of elements. From drum loops to frenetic acoustic guitar work that makes Buckingham’s famous stripped rendition of ‘Big Love’ look tame, ‘In Our Own Time’ offers a few tantalizing hints of what we might expect from 'Seeds We Sow.'

For Buckingham fans who are hoping that ‘Seeds We Sow’ might have more of an edge than his previous ‘Under The Skin’ album (2006), the new single suggests that at the very least, there will be some good Buckingham curve balls to look forward to.

‘In Our Own Time’ is, at the very least, a welcome swing of the pendulum into mad scientist-territory, which is appropriate, since Buckingham handled every aspect of 'Seeds We Sow' himself – writing and performing all of the parts for each song, as well as producing and mixing the record.

Buckingham calls the new album a record that he made on his own terms. With all of the accolades and achievements that he’s racked up, he certainly has nothing left to prove as an artist. And yet, ‘In Our Own Time’ demonstrates that he still has plenty left to say.

Listen to Lindsey Buckingham, 'In Our Own Time'

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