A memorial statue in honor of late Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister is scheduled to go up at his favorite hangout, the Rainbow Bar & Grill, in Los Angeles next month.

Classic Rock Magazine reports that the unveiling is scheduled to take place in the bar's patio on Aug. 24, during an event that will be open to the public. The piece is the work of local artist Travis Moore, who donated his services to the crowdfunded project; all funds were applied to materials and production, with the remainder to be donated to cancer research.

Moore, who posted a handful of early progress reports on his Facebook page, promised the end results would be "f---ing amazing" and referred to the process as "the best project I've had the chance to be part of." You can learn more about his career and art on his website.

The Rainbow's statue is just one of several tribute efforts planned in the wake of Kilmister's death late last year. As previously reported, one group of fans launched a petition to have the Jack and Coke renamed in his honor, and another fan attempted to have a newly discovered heavy metal element named "Lemmium."

But of all the tributes, the Rainbow's monument makes the most sense. Frequently found at the bar in life — and honored there with a public memorial service after his death — Kilmister and the Rainbow were a perfect match. As musician and campaign organizer Katon De Pena put it when he launched his crowdfunding efforts: "Lemmy was dedicated to us – now is our chance to say ‘thank you.'"

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