The next time you're at a bar, how about honoring Lemmy by ordering his favorite drink by a different name?

That's the proposal being put forth by a recently posted online petition, which urges people around the world to pay permanent tribute to the dearly departed Motörhead frontman by henceforth referring to the Jack and Coke as the Lemmy. Arguing (persuasively, we might add) that the man and the drink will "forever be associated," the petition organizer — who goes by @GimmeaLemmy — holds this up as a good way to "celebrate and remember" his life and musical legacy.

The petition has more than 22,000 signatures as of this writing, and although there's no way of enforcing its goal no matter how many people add their names, we can see this easily gathering enough momentum to affect drink orders. If you're a bartender, prepare yourself.

The "Gimme a Lemmy" petition is just one of several that have been launched since Lemmy's Dec. 28 death. A group of fans has organized an effort to have a statue erected outside his favorite bar, the Rainbow Room, and there's still another campaign to have one of several recently discovered heavy metals renamed "Lemmium" in his honor.

In other Lemmy tribute news, the Finnish dairy producer Valio has released a reedited version of a milk commercial he starred in — and if the idea of Lemmy in a milk commercial strikes you as bizarre, never fear: It ends up serving as a fitting (and very funny) tip of the hat to his hard-living image. Check it out below.

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