Kicking off side three of 'Physical Graffiti,' 'In The Light' stands tall as one of Led Zeppelin's more amazing songs from an pretty amazing album. Built around a psychedelic drone intro, the band almost casually wander into the mist of sound created. The ever-so haunting sounds makes room for Robert Plant's eerie vocal appearance, and it's nearly three minutes before the rhythm section comes pushing their way into the party of the latest entry on our countdown of the Top 50 Led Zeppelin Songs.

It's a slow groover that builds on itself and only becomes more interesting as the song proceeds. Though never a part of the psychedelic era, there are elements of the genre woven into a handful of Zep tunes, none more obvious than this gem.

The song ebbs and flows as the heavier elements give into the ethereal qualities and back again throughout. It's a push/pull that the band always excelled at. That perfect balance that made them too big to be confined by terms like 'heavy metal' or even 'hard rock.' Clocking in at just under nine minutes, it's a hypnotic ride that could have easily gone on a lot longer!

There is a fantastic alternate take of the song that has never been officially released that has a somewhat different feel, and lyric, from the version on 'Physical Graffiti.' Hopefully it will find its way out with the proposed new remasters.

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