Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones may not have plans to embark on a Led Zeppelin reunion tour anytime soon, but it sounds like we can at least look forward to a fresh round of remasters from the band's classic nine-studio album catalog.

Classic Rock Magazine reports that Page's manager, Peter Mench, told the UK's Sunday Times that the guitarist is currently holed up in a London recording studio, where he's nearing completion on "21st-century versions" of Zeppelin's nine albums.

Administering sonic upgrades to the Zeppelin catalog is nothing new for Page, who supervised the last round of remasters way back in 1990, when the band released its double-disc 'Led Zeppelin Remasters' compilation -- as well as the process for 'Boxed Set 2,' issued in 1993. For fans who ponied up for those boxes the first time around, the question now becomes what might make it worth buying them all over again.

CRM's report speculates that the new Zep remasters, which are said to be due next year, would follow the template laid down by Pink Floyd's 'Immersion Box' program -- a deluxe reissue series more recently imitated by Peter Gabriel, whose 25th anniversary 'So' reissue is available in a deluxe box that includes vinyl, live tracks, and assorted bonus material. Given how thoroughly the Zep masters have already been picked over, it's questionable how much truly "new" music or video could possibly be offered, but for hardcore collectors, titles like this are often hard to resist no matter how many times they've already been released in other formats.

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