Even though 'Heartbreaker' and 'Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)' are two separate songs on 'Led Zeppelin II' (and 'Living Loving Maid' was released as the B-side to 'Whole Lotta Love' and actually received standalone airplay in 1970), for all intent and purposes, they're a seven-minute medley of pure awesomeness that fits together like groupies and red snapper. As such, we're counting them as one song on our list of the Top 50 Led Zeppelin Songs.

'Heartbreaker' is the better song, featuring one of the band's tightest grooves and greatest guitar riffs. But it's Jimmy Page's solo -- unaccompanied and supposedly improvised -- that steps up, shoves everything else aside and owns the song.

Robert Plant doesn't even have time to catch his breath before 'Living Loving Maid' starts. Like several other Zeppelin songs, it's about an overzealous female fan. But without 'Heartbreaker' serving as its intro, it's one of the band's slightest cuts.

Curiously enough, the band never performed the two songs back-to-back in concert, partly because Page hated 'Living Loving Maid.'

Entry No. 20 on our list of the Top 50 Led Zeppelin Songs will be posted Wednesday, Sept. 11.

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