The release of previously undeveloped photos from the scene of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's suicide didn't result in a reopening of the investigation into his 20-year-old death. But it did result in a lawsuit.

Richard Lee, a self-described investigator who has long believed that Cobain was murdered, is charging the Seattle Police Department with being "uncooperative, dilatory, and non-compliant with his requests for records and information.” Lee is also asking for a trial to be held on the "broad issues" this belated disclosure has revealed in the Cobain case.

"Sometimes people believe what they read ... some of the disinformation from some of the books, that this was a conspiracy," Detective Mike Ciesynski told the Seattle PI. "That's completely inaccurate. It's a suicide. This is a closed case."

Ciesynski found the four rolls of undeveloped crime-scene photos and they were promptly released in late-March -- though a police spokesman was quick to note that they contained “nothing Earth-shattering.” Lee, a 50-year-old Seattle man who has hosted a public access show actually titled "Kurt Cobain Was Murdered," is representing himself in the suit. The Seattle City Attorney's Office declined to comment on his charges.

Cobain killed himself on April 5, 1994 at his home, ending Nirvana and altering the burgeoning grunge movement forever. Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this month.

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