Kiss star Paul Stanley says his band was "screwed over and misled" by the executive in charge of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and that both the group and their fans deserved better from the event.

Stanley doesn't go into any detail about his complaints, but a look at the video above sure makes it seem like a rough gig for everyone involved. As the band gamely mimes along to 'Rock and Roll All Nite' on an extremely cold and rainy day, the camera frequently seems to be in an odd place.

For example, during the opening verse of the song, a giant balloon featuring Jake the Dog and Finn the Human from the show 'Adventure Time' was front and center on television screens across America instead of the group. There wasn't a close-up shot of Kiss until the first chorus, and for some reason the camera stayed locked on bassist Gene Simmons during Tommy Thayer's guitar solo.

But who knows, maybe the coat Stanley was wearing gave him a nasty flashback to the days of 'Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.' If he was somehow expecting this to be the one parade in the history of the universe that was fun and exciting -- as opposed to a never-ending series of rushed and often poorly presented attractions -- we could have told him beforehand that wasn't going to happen.

Simmons seemed to have had a bit more fun, telling the New York Post he was "proud to be a part of" the parade, and saying that he intentionally kept his famously long tongue in his mouth as much as possible in order to keep things family friendly: "My tongue is God-given. As regards the parade, my intention was to be tongue in cheek. Mostly, I kept it in my cheek.”

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