Is nothing sacred? Is there nothing they won't come up with in the Kiss merchandising think tank? Apparently not. The band announced a licensing deal with Sanrio's Hello Kitty brand last Novemeber. Now, there's Hello Kitty-branded Kiss toilet paper. We wish we were kidding!

Since Hello Kitty makes everything from pencils to notebooks to totebags, and since Kiss markets their image on everything from kaskets to koozies, it makes complete and total sense for the powers-that-be in each of their marketing divisions to come up with a product with which to wipe your nether regions.

You may wonder, why waste time and resources stamping the sheets with pretty images of Kiss-themed Hello Kitty characters only for people to flush them and send them into the depths of the sewers? Well, don't torture yourself trying to apply logic to this. At this stage, it's more like why the hell not?

They're really on a "roll" with this partnership, aren't they? (OK, we apologize for that one.) As silly as it may seem to some, it would seem to us that the most diehard Kiss and Hello Kitty fans would be most impressed with this product. The band seems primed to really clean up with this one, huh?

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